Press Quotes RUSH


With RUSH, Manon Santkin primarily shows how few resources are needed to create an immersive theater experience. The only thing you really need is a stunning performer. And that is Santkin.

Fritz de Jong (Het Parool)


Shaking bodies, vibrating bodies, sweaty bodies, bodies making connections with men, women, the floor, a table, themselves, the audience – this work is about fluidity, about blurring boundaries. Santkin’s female body is reduced to a form here, one that can be anything, a nudity freed from sexual connotations. And because this is a solo – all those bodies we are asked to imagine are, of course, not really there – RUSH is perhaps primarily about imagination and the unknown worlds that open up when you allow yourself to be seduced into a free, unprejudiced way of looking.

– Shira Keller (NRC)


In RUSH you experience something rare: how only one performer takes the audience along on a journey that is not only about memories of past performances but primarily about physical imagination. This is what has distinguished contemporary theater since the 20th century from everything that preceded it.

– Pieter T’Jonck (Pzazz)


Manon Santkin and Mette Ingvartsen look back on their years of collaboration as dancer and choreographer. The question of why exactly isn’t asked, but the joy is palpable in RUSH. Open and naked Santkin tells very literally about the things she once did, with small or large groups of performers, on another stage. Her nudity, coupled with the cited physical actions, is very different and more spectacular than usual. When Santkin, at the end of the performance, climbs naked among the audience for a moment, the viewer is completely engaged.

– Fransien van der Putt (Theaterkrant)


For an hour and a half, Santkin guides the audience through highlights from their oeuvre. With infectious enthusiasm, she portrays contrasting scenes, from sexualizing and anonymizing to brutalizing and activating bodies. She always manages to reignite the audience’s imagination, heading towards new excitement. Collective. And yet intimate.

– Annette Embrechts & Mina Etemad (De Volksrant)