This book was published in 2009 by Everbodys. It reads as a document of various activities and practices that took place within the project 6 MONTHS 1 LOCATION from July to December 2008 at the Choreographic Center in Montpellier, and from May to June 2009 at PAF, St. Erme. In 6M1L seventeen artists explored what it means to work under ‘special conditions’ of research and education, different from the usual freelance independent production. The constraints were that the work take place in one location, in the duration of six months and involving every participant in the role of leading one project and collaborating in one or more other projects. The contributions done by all the participants for this book attempt to describe and share questions, concepts and fantasies developed in 6M1L : meeting, changing, veering, note-taking, imagining, speculating, sensing, listening…

Editor: Mette Ingvartsen

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